Thursday, October 3, 2013

Learning Log 3#

For Homeroom I did study island

For Math I read a book called "sir conference and all his kings tens"

For English I did Cursive

For History we went to Adventure group and played nobility

For Technology I did History of Cartoons

For P.E. We went to Park Day

For Music and Art we went to ward choir

Monday, September 9, 2013

Learning Log 1#

This Week I Did Math Work Sheets, Handwriting Work Sheets, and read The George Washington Rules of Civility. I Also Made Discovery Journal With Modge Podge and Fancy Paper .We Made a Family Coat of Arms With Traditional Symbols . I Also Took Apart A Computer. We Went to Home school Parkday. I Went to Choir At Church. And My Sisters and I are Going to be In Beauty and The Beast.

Introducing to My Tech High

Hi My Name is Crystal I am 12 Years old I live in Utah.I like My Tech High Because of the Learning Logs Their Fun. this year I wanted to try out the Cartoon Animation cause I think that It sounds Cool.
now I will tell you about me i have two goats but i'm baby sitting my cousins goats for a while so i technically have four goats, i have two dogs one is mine and the other one is the family dog my dog is a pure bred Australian Shepherd her name is Jet The family dog is named Luna and she is a Great Pyrenees/Pyrenees, then we have two cats one of them is mine her name is Lila then My Sister has a cat his name is Sammy.
My Hobbies are Gymnastics, Drawing, Volley Ball, Rollerblading, Singing, Playing with Animals, Dubstep, Swimming (i'm not too good at it but i like to swim), Soccer, Kick ball, Basket Ball, Painting, Magic Tricks, Origami, Reading, Spelling, Playing the Piano, and Photography.
I am LDS I have 4 siblings My older Sister Is 14 My younger Sister Is 11 My younger brother Is 8 and My youngest brother Is 3 So I live in a family of Seven.
When i grow up I want to be a mom, a Farmer, a Vet, And a Singer.
My Favorite Food Is Chips!!! I love chips their Awesome.My Favorite Animals Are Dogs, Horses, Cheetahs etc. My Favorite Movies are Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Courage's,  Fire Proof, Seven Brides for Seven brothers, Sherlock BBC, and Princess Bride. I was Adopted. I am very hyper and I Have a Very Very Short attention span. 

Hi my name is Crystal.  I am 12.  I am taking cartoon animation this year because it sounds cool.  This is my second year with My Tech High.  I am so excited!  
Now I will tell you  about myself.   I have a 14 year old older sister, and my younger sister is 11, my younger brother is 8, and then my youngest brother is 3.  So our family is a family of seven.  I have two goats but we are babysitting our cousins goats so we technically have four goats.  Then we have two dogs, one of them is mine, her name is Jet.  She is a pure bred Australian Shepherd.  And then the other dog is our family dog and her name is Luna.  She's a great Pyrenees/ Pyrenees mix. 
My Hobbies are Gymnastics, Volley Ball, Dub Step, Singing, Spelling, Swimming, Playing with Animals, Rollerblading  yea that is all of them I think.  I am LDS. And I am Adopted. My favorite food is chips.  I love chips.  Because they are awesome like that.  My favorite animals are dogs, cheetahs, horses, etc. Because I almost like every animal in the world.  
I am sooo excited for this year.  And for meeting  you guys.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Learning Log 32#

this week i did math and spelling work sheets. i also went to gymnastics and my whole family came and watched me and i did full splits and i did split jumps and after that we went and watched hugs and curios in Hapkido  i also worked on my chore chart for my entrepreneur Dave Ramsey class. i also listened to the Sherlock Holmes audio book. and i also made a movie video and played cranium  i also did close up photography.  i also went to the library. i also went to park day.

Tumbelina :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning Log 30 - 31

P.E. - GymnasticsEnglish - Visit to the Library, Spelling Worksheets, Scripture Reading, Reading for Peak ProgramMath - Review worksheets to prepare for testsTech Class - Modes and Settings, Rule of Thirds, Golden HourEntreprenuership - a special thank you, Worked on chore charts 

this week i went to gymnastics and learned how to do a split leap for the dancing part of gymnastics. i also took pictures ant the golden hour it was awsome.


Math - Worksheets
English - Spelling Worksheet, Walk to the Library
P.E. - Gymnastics show for C, Hapkido Awards for S and A.
Entreprenuership - Chore Charts
Literature - Sherlock Holmes Read Headed League
Tech Class - Photography close ups.
Social - Parkday, Hansens came and played, YW General Confrence

this week i went to the general conference young women s activity and i had ice cream after words.

Tumbelina :)

Learning Log 29#

P.E. - Gymnastics
English - Visit to the Library, Spelling Worksheets
Literature - Personal Reading, Saw a Shakespeare play performed by a traveling group that does Educational shows for schools.
Math - Review worksheets to prepare for tests
Entrepreneurship - Reworked chore lists to earn more money.
Life Skills/ Math - Walked to a fast food restaurant twice and ordered food on their own, and paid with their own money.
Government - Toured the State Capitol Building

this week i went to the capitol of Utah it was fun we went in a my tech group. 

Tumbelina :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Learning Log 28#


P.E. - Gymnastics
English - Visit to the Library
Science - Clark Planetarium Visit, Butterflies in 3D movie
Spanish - 
Literature - Scripture Reading

this week i went to the planetarium and there was this big pendulum and it was sensing how much the world was turning or something like that it was really cool. i also walked to the library.

Tumbelina :)