Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning Log 30 - 31

P.E. - GymnasticsEnglish - Visit to the Library, Spelling Worksheets, Scripture Reading, Reading for Peak ProgramMath - Review worksheets to prepare for testsTech Class - Modes and Settings, Rule of Thirds, Golden HourEntreprenuership - a special thank you, Worked on chore charts 

this week i went to gymnastics and learned how to do a split leap for the dancing part of gymnastics. i also took pictures ant the golden hour it was awsome.


Math - Worksheets
English - Spelling Worksheet, Walk to the Library
P.E. - Gymnastics show for C, Hapkido Awards for S and A.
Entreprenuership - Chore Charts
Literature - Sherlock Holmes Read Headed League
Tech Class - Photography close ups.
Social - Parkday, Hansens came and played, YW General Confrence

this week i went to the general conference young women s activity and i had ice cream after words.

Tumbelina :)

Learning Log 29#

P.E. - Gymnastics
English - Visit to the Library, Spelling Worksheets
Literature - Personal Reading, Saw a Shakespeare play performed by a traveling group that does Educational shows for schools.
Math - Review worksheets to prepare for tests
Entrepreneurship - Reworked chore lists to earn more money.
Life Skills/ Math - Walked to a fast food restaurant twice and ordered food on their own, and paid with their own money.
Government - Toured the State Capitol Building

this week i went to the capitol of Utah it was fun we went in a my tech group. 

Tumbelina :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Learning Log 28#


P.E. - Gymnastics
English - Visit to the Library
Science - Clark Planetarium Visit, Butterflies in 3D movie
Spanish - 
Literature - Scripture Reading

this week i went to the planetarium and there was this big pendulum and it was sensing how much the world was turning or something like that it was really cool. i also walked to the library.

Tumbelina :)

Learning Log 27#

Spanish - Lesson 3
Life Skills - Choreograph gymnastics routine.
P.E. - Gymnastics
Entrepreneurship - lesson 2 on Give

this week i Went to the new megaplex theater and watched "Oz The Great And Powerful" with my siblings and my aunt. and also mama's birthday was this week too.

Tumbelina :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Learning Log 23

Literature - Daily Scripture Reading
Math - Study Island Math
Reading - Study Island Reading. Read a book to Littleton.
Life Skills - Discussion on the Plan of Salvation.
Entrepreneurship - Money course on the battle of the Chores.  Started the lesson on Giving.
Spanish - Lesson 1 and 2
P.E. - Gymnastics
Culture - History of music for the years 2013-2009

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Learning Log 22#

this week i practiced persuasive writing. also did study island on the computer. and i did daily self paced homeschool of study island,star fall math, star fall reading and spelling. and i also read the scriptures. and planed out Dave Ramsey's Money Course. i also took my dogs on a walk with new training collars on. and i am teaching my dog new trick. i also went to gymnastics.