Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hellow my name is tumbelina iam adopted and my mom s, name is jeanine and i spelled great.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Letter to my e-pal

hi April i am seven and i live in Utah and we do have pets ducks and chicks and eggs and my nick name is tumbelina.

This is Mama, I nicknamed her tumbelina because she loves to tumble and do lots of gymnastics. She also has a blog that she has written on in the past named Tumbelinas Jungle gym, here is the web page. http://tumbelinas.blogspot.com/

Here are pictures of Tumbelina and her siblings. http://je9jeanine.blogspot.com/2008/06/photos-of-people-and-poultry.html

#1 Angel 9 years old
#2 Tubelina 7 years old
#3 Hugs 6 years old
#4 Curious 3 years old
#5 Wild baby ducks we saved when their mother was ran over by a car, they flew away as soon as they could because they were wild.
#6 pet ducks Peek-a-boo and Puff.
#7 our chickens the last one is named Kerry.
#8 our turkey, she was suppose to be thanksgiving dinner, but became our pet instead. She lays more eggs then our chickens, and loves to be pet.

Crystal wrote the top part in red.
Crystal says "write back soon! From Crystal"