Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i m aDOPTID (I am adopted)

I em a dopTid mi Namis Tumbelina i em thycyng uv gityg a snuac But momwoTLetme im 6 anD a haf. im in frstgradthasolb i Tubelina

I am adopted, my name is Tumbelina. I am thinking of getting a snake, but mom wont let me. I'm 6 and a half, I'm in first grade.

That's all. by Tumbelina

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tagged by HugsBear

How many brothers do you have? 1, younger

How many sisters do you have? 2, one older one younger

Can you whistle? yes, with a straw.

Do you like "Silly Songs with Larry"? Yes

How often do you where black? Yes, but I don't

Do you like to where black? Yes

How about pink/purple? Yes

What's your favorite veggie? Zucchini

How often do you loose your hairbrush? allot!

How long is your hair? The middle of my back

What type of car will you drive? A fancy car, that was red, and it would look nice if it was a buggy

What is your favorite Olympic sport? Bobsledding

A cookbook said that anchovies are something you love or hate? What about you? I do not remember.

Rank these in order of your liking: Peanut Butter, Jam, Vegemite, and Honey. Mine are: Honey, Jam, Peanut Butter

How did you start blogging: Mama was typing on the computer allot.

What are two countries that your ancestors came from? Greece and Welsh

How many comments did you get 5 entries ago? I only have 4 entries

How many houses have you lived in your life? 205,100

How do you like eggs? Scrambled

If you went back in time, what time would you like to go to? Dinosaur time.

What 4 bloggers are you tagging? Breegan, Katy, Mary, Emily, Ben