Friday, October 26, 2012

Learning log 7#

This week for Home Economics and crafts I made my Lord of the Rings Arwen costume for Halloween.  I made my cape, and my laces on my dress.  I also made a quiver with a bow and arrows.  I helped my brothers and sisters make there costumes too.  i went too a Halloween party with our park day friends, and i went to a homeschool trunk or treat.  i also went on a nature walk and saw the ducks swim around and took the dogs to the nature walk too.  this week we did a Physics lesson.

  • Sewing a cape
  • Sewing lace 
  • Spray Painting
  • Painting
  • Using duct tape
  • Halloween party
  • Physics lesson one
  • Nature walk
  • Movie on Mt Nemrud
  • make mud bricks like Mesopotamian s

  • Learning log 6#

    this week i learned about  Ancient Sumerian Architecture, Sumerian Scribes, Life in Ancient Sumeria, Ancient Sumerian Trade and Transportation. i also learned about Kites, Wheels, Pendants, Keyholes and Chain walls in Saudi Arabia. and i learned about drawing Mesopotamia map. and Hunter Gatherers vs Farmers, Mount Nemrut,  Gobekli Tepe in TurkeyCelsus Library Ephesus Turkey, The very earliest maps, Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh, Even and Odd numbers, Counting up to ten, Doubling, Review of Epic of Gilgamesh, Ancient Lyre Music, Saudi Arabia's Rock Art. i also watched a movie called "Mount Nemrut the throne of the gods" thanks for reading my learning log

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    We missed a Learning Log

    I watched Brain Pop videos about French Revolution, Animal Kingdoms, Indians, Theory of Relativity, Isaac Newton, black holes, birds, and Ann Frank and her Diary.

    We got a new computer and we call it the race car and its really cool, and we connect it to the other computers with this cord. The race car is really fast.  And it makes the other computers really fast.  And they are called virtual computers. And I have one, and mine is having some screen problems. The screen is a little bit smaller then usual.  And mom said that we could download stuff on it. I did not really know how to download things at first.  We learned how to download things in this 3D modeling class that my sister is taking, but we are all doing it also.  And when I download things it was sort of weird because I did not really know if it worked. But then mom showed me that there is a file, and how to download things on it. It was really cool afterwords.  There also was this cool thing that mom got us that is like a background thing, and you just look through the background and there is options and there is science with science backgrounds, or dog backgrounds or cat backgrounds.  And the backgrounds would change and its really cool.  I picked the dog one and I showed my sister how to copy one of them and then paste it onto the other one and so there were two background sets combined. And it was really cool. She wanted both of the backgrounds and she did not know how to do it so that it could switch through them both. And I am planning on doing it.  Also there is this thing on the top of the browser and it is called bookmarks and you can go to a website that you really like and then copy the link and then paste it onto the book mark thing, and it is really cool.  And I like doing that I put my favorite things on it.

    We also learned about the East and West Mountains and we are in the Salt Lake Valley.  And the East and West Mountains are around us like a circle.  And we were going for a drive because we and compasses that mama got us while we were playing at friends. And we were looking at the mountains because we were looking for east and west and north and south, and we were driving around.  And then we were in the middle and then we noticed that the East Mountains were bigger then the West ones.  And we figured that this one road we were driving on was not really closest to the East Mountains it was sort of in the middle.  And later that day my sister had to mow the lawn at our Aunts house and Mama had us do a a thing where we wrote on papers about our neighborhood. And we were going to drive our maps, but we never really got to that.  And we made a map.  And then after that we got pizza and then we went home, but now I know which one is the East and which one is the West Mountains. And we were driving this other day and I was like "hey look its the East Mountain."  The West Mountain is the one with the copper mine, and the East Mountain is the one that is bigger.

    Also we read Life of Fred.  And we learned about not equals signs. Which we really did not know about before.  And also LoF use to say that 3+4=7 and now it teaches different addition problems.  We also learned this thing that is um like 3x+4x=7x.  And it was really confusing at first. But then mom took me to the other room and made ovals, but they are not ovals they are ellipses.  And also about ellipses.  We were doing practicing for choir.  And then I made a shape of an ellipse with my hand, and asked my friend "Hey what shape is this." and then he said "its an oval." and I said "no its an ellipse." and he was like "huh?"

    Well the Mesopotamians thought it was a great idea to make a wheel thing so they would not have to pull around heavy carts with no wheels. and they had a n ox pull it and it was much better then pulling around things that were really heavy with their hands.

    Archaeologists think that pottery they find is more valuable then gold.  But also they found pottery with words on it, or numbers and stuff like that, and that is really interesting.

    Also in my sisters 3D modeling thing we were making files and stuff and then it told us how to zip files. which is really cool, and then we ziped them and then later we unziped them.  I t just took a little while to unzip them.

    We have two dogs but they are really puppies right now so we need to train them.  And I have a dog named Jet and she is an Australian shepherd. And we took them in the front yard to walk them. I had jet that time.  And she was really good at heeling when she had treats. But without treats she is sort of crazy. and then after she gets good with treats you can take the treats away and she is rally good with it.  And then you can let go of the leash and she wont run away or anything, shell still think she is on a leash.  Which is really cool because one time we were walking our other dog Luna which is a Great Pyrenees and then we let go of the leash and she did not run away or anything. And then when we were passing our house she ran to the door and was like hey let me in. And also we are potty training them, but that is another story.

    Epic of Gilgamesh its a story that's sort of like the bible but a bit different.  And there is this guy names Gilgamesh and he and his best friend were in the forest.  And then they started chopping down tress. and then this demon came and was like stop chopping down my trees or I am going to kill you.  And then the God that was the wind god that lived in the Ziggurat. He really like Gilgamesh because he was a might man.  And so he wrapped up the demon in wind and the demon was trapped.  And the demon plaided to get out. And he said that they could chop down as many trees as they wanted if they could just let him go.  And then Gilgamesh's friend said, no he is lying.  And then Gilgamesh took his ax and with one mighty blow he chopped of the demons head.

    On Wednesday, our Wednesday is crazy. And my gymnastics was at a different time. So we went to the Library that is near my brothers and sisters karate class. And I read a book about a puppy named bandit.  And he was a cute little fluffy dog. And there was a girl who was at a restaurant and she saw it.  And the lady said to her that she found the puppy on the door step. And then the girl was like why would someone give away such a good puppy.  And then the lady said that there was a paper that came with it. The girl read it and it said "we cant keep our puppy because we don't have enough money to take care of it. it needs a heart operation, because it has a problem with its heart."  And then the lady said why would they just drop him off at our place.  The girl said well you do have allot of money right. And the lady was like not really, I am just looking fro someone who will take him home. And the girl was like "I will." Her family took dogs and foster them and sold them.  And then she called her dad a fire fighter, and it was his day off. And then he came and got her and the puppy. And everyone that saw the puppy fell in love with him.

    Friday, October 12, 2012

    Learning log 5#

    this week i learned how to do a "kick over" and i am practicing my "Arial" in gymnastics.and i watched videos of  how to do a back hand spring.and  i read about the tower of babel. also i went to the library and read about dogs. and also i went to the park and played some games.also i read a book about caves. also i learned how to make a 3D hat in 3D modeling. and i watched some movies on brain pop. thanks for reading

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    Learning Log 4#

    This week I learned about the Seven Wonders and learned about the pyramids and about the colossus. I also learned how to do the full splits in gymnastics. i also went to wetland park with my friends. and also i went to a dog show about Bernese mountain dogs pulling carts i have a Great Pyrenees and were teaching her how to pull a cart. also were potty training are dogs.  i also went to a place called "Scheels". and we did a new lessen about 3D modeling. i also learned that spiders have eight legs and on each leg there is seven knees. i also learned how to recover in gymnastics recovering is when you are like doing a back bend aka bridge and then you stand up its really cool. i also learned about a new thing called kid history. also i learned that we have leaches in are creek in are back yard also i learned that are craw fish in are creek hide in the middle of it. also i read a thing about Bernese mountain dogs and how to make a cart and how to make a harness. and also i learned that my goat daisy is bloated. and also i learned that my other baby goat Dorito  grows really slow. and i also made up a new thing its for gymnastics i will get a video of it some time and post it. and i also learned that i can use a leash and stick it to a box and then clip it to the color of my dog and then i can have her pull it around. thanks for reading 
    bye.  :)