Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning Log 21#

this week i did Creative writing of persuasive ideas, learning to state things in creative ways. i also did Filling in the details after making a paw print. i also did Self correcting papers. and i Watched a Shakespeare play.

Tumbelina :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Learning Log 20#

this week i did more practice on persuasive writing.and i also did more practice on persuasive writing format.
introduction to driving rules, road sighs, street lines etc.

tumbelina :)

Learning Log 18# and 19#

18# this week i did daily math and reading on study island . i also played dominion. i also played (Bananagrams). and i made a map of china. and i learned the basics about car transmission and transmission fluid. and i also learned the basics about car engine oil. 

Math - Study Island
Reading - Study Island
Spelling - Bananagrams
Geography - Map of China
Life Skills - Car transmissions and engine oil basics
P.E.- Gymnastics

19# this week i went to a Chinese new year party and got to hold a eight foot long snake and got to pet an eighteen foot long snake it was fun. i also did paw print diagrams persuasive writing and i also did persuasive paper structure. 

Geography/ History - Chinese new years
English - spelling, paw print diagrams for persausive writing.  Persuasive paper structure.
Science - got to see a show on snakes and lizards live, got to pet and hold large snakes and lizards.
P.E.- Gymnastics

Tumbelina :)

Learning Log 17#

this week i did study island . i also did 2 digit addition. i also did hundreds, tens, and ones place . and ones, tens, and hundreds cubes. i also played dominion. and i read Sherlock Holmes.

Tumbelina :)

Math - Study Island Math, review of 2 digit addition, hundreds, tens, ones place, Playing with place vlaue cubes, math while playing games like dominion
Reading - on Study Island, reading and making chor charts.
Literature - Sherlock Holmes
P.E.- Gymnastics

The beach is better then the mountains

The beach is better then the mountains,  there is water,  there is sand,  and there is trees.

I like the beach because you can swim in it,  and do scuba diving,  and surfing.  I like swimming at the beach because you can float in the the water.  I like scuba diving at the beach because you get to explore the Ocean.  I like surfing because you can like be on top of water like your flying.

At the beach you can make sand castles,  and dig in it,  and you can make foot prints in it.  I like to make sand castles at the beach because you can make a huge sand castle and go inside it.  I like to dig at the beach cause you can find dinosaur bones and shells. I like to make foot prints at the beach cause its a fun thing to do when your bored.

On the beach there is trees you can climb, and you can get coconuts from them, and there is shade under them.  I like to climb trees at the beach because you can see very far away.  I like to get coconuts from the trees at the beach cause I can open them up and then i can drink the coconut milk.  I like the shade under the trees cause its nice and cool when your hot.

And that's why the beach is better then the mountains.