Thursday, August 23, 2012

here is the story about the craw fish from my point of view ok well i told hugs that i wanted to go outside to catch a craw fish and then we were sitting around where we cot the last craw fish we didn't really find any craw fish yet and then i said "hey hugs lets go over to the silver tube" so we went to the silver tube and we were looking for a craw fish when i saw a craw fish in between the tube and the mud i wanted to catch it but i decided it looked like it was to deep down so right when i was about to grab it we saw a little red one then i was going to grab it and then we saw this huge craw fish then it jumped on to the little red craw fish and started eating it i screamed then curious was coming because he herd us screaming i told him that we saw this huge craw fish eating another one then he saw another craw fish when he got to the silver tube he grabbed the craw fish then he dropped it on accident we all screamed curious started to scream "IS HE GOING TO DIE!" then i went to the craw fish on the ground i was to afraid to grab it then hugs grabbed the rag out of my hand and screamed "GET SOME WATER ON IT!" then she grabbed it with the rag then dropped it then grabbed it again then dropped it then tried one more time then dropped it again then i grabbed the rag from hugs and grabbed the craw fish we sticked it into the cup and took it inside then i showed the cup with  the craw fish to mama then put the craw fish in the sink then i noticed it arm fell of i screamed then hugs screamed and then we went into the kitchen curious was like why are you screaming then he went in the bath room and screamed mama was on the porch on her way to get angelic then she came inside we told her the story she said "ok do you guys want to come with me" then we all said that we did then we went and got angelic and told her the story ok that's the story from my point of view