Saturday, September 29, 2012

learning log 3#

this week i learned about what it is like to be in a play in front of lots of people we did Les Miserables this year and next year were going to do another one. i also did lots of nature journaling at wetland park and theirs lots of ways to draw nature. i also went to gymnastics and i learned how to "Pull Up". and i learned about north south east and west it was fun because we got to play with cumpuses and and it was really fun and we drove around the valley.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Learning Log 2#

I went to gymnastics and met a new freand, I learned about pronouns on discovery streeming, i did grammer on a work sheet, and i learned how to sing with the instrumental version of Les Miserables i especially liked the confrontation.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Learning log 1#

this week I learned about bridges on cool-math games. I also learned new things in gymnastics. I also learned  about Pocahontas, horses, dogs, cats, Cleopatra, dolphins, Shark attacks, native american s, Titanic, the french revolution, ocean, Six kingdoms, fish, Inuit's, Dinosaurs,and Albert Einstein on Tim and Moby brain pop. i also learned some new exercises.


: ) 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tumbelina's Dramatic Intro for My Tech High

Hi My name is Tumbelina I am 11 this is my first year in My TECH HIGH. I am going in gymnastics. I like Olympics. I want to be in it when i grow up. I have two dogs and two goats my sister has a cat. I like to climb the walls, play with friends, and sing. I like to read I am reading Narnia. right now I am reading "The Horse And His Boy" my favorite movies are Lord Of The Rings, Avatar the Last Air Bender (cartoon, I hate the live action version), Peter Pan live action, Peter Pan cartoon, and Wild Kratts. My favorite play is Les Miserables. My favorite Colors are red,black green and blue and purple. My favorite animals are horses, dogs, goats, chickens, cats, wolfs, etc. the end bye.  Here is a photo of me acting as Javert in Les Mis.

Here is Tumbelina's old intro.


Hello I am Tumbelina. I like red. And I like to play with my sisters Polly Pockets. I'm seven. And I am adopted. I can climb walls