Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last night I did a flip and when I was standing, then I flipped and I fell on my bum. And then I did it again. And it was cool because when I did the flip my head didn't touch the ground, or my hands. I just sat down, cause when I flipped I fell on my bum.

I can do a cartwheel and I can do that thingy where you put your head on the ground, and you put your two arms up, and you stay up with your feet in the air.

Oh and today me and Curious were practicing. And Curious was like, I can blow fire out my hands. But he was not really doing anything he was just moving his arms around. And then he sat down on the couch. And I was doing flips and he watched me and he was like "Yea but I can blow fire out my hands." And I was walking around for a while and I was like "what are you talking about? You're not really making fire come out your hands. I'm really doing flips." This is the funny part. Curious standed up and we was like, "yea I can." And then he picked up these two (red) fly swatters and he was swinging them around like they were really fire coming out his hands.


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